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Chaos Theory Inc. provides professional organizing services to residential and corporate clients in the New York metropolitan area. By creating customized solutions that fit your needs, we deliver lasting results with enthusiasm and efficiency. In no time, you’ll have Your Life Organized.

Our Promise


We promise to treat your space with respect, to listen to your concerns, to allow you to keep anything you can’t part with, to keep client information strictly confidential and to abide by NAPO’s Code of Ethics.

We Handle it All


Whether you are moving to a new space, need to make your current space work more efficiently or you need help coordinating a special project, Chaos Theory Inc. offers a wide range of services to help you get your life organized. 

What can we do and how does it work?


Chaos Theory Inc. offers a wide range of services to help you get your life organized.

We specialize in:

  • Closets
  • Clutter Control
  • Kitchens
  • Moving Services
  • Living spaces
  • Sleep-away Camp Preparation 
  • Offices
  • Project Management

Chaos Theory Inc. approaches each unique situation in the following way:

  1. Complimentary in-person consultation to discuss your objectives, organizational concerns and physical space
  2. Develop an action plan based on your priorities, timeframe and budget
  3. Research a range of solutions to meet your needs
  4. Get to work!  Together we’ll create an organized environment that works the way you do

Where do we work?

Chaos Theory Inc. operates in the New York Tri-state area. If you require our services elsewhere, rest assured that we’ve traveled as far as California, Florida and Idaho to meet our clients’ needs.

How Can We Help?

Who We are


Dayna Brandoff has long found peace of mind in an organized life.  In 2007, she founded Chaos Theory Inc. to help others do the same. As a professional organizer, Dayna brings her love of order to her client base, and helps them rid the chaos from their lives.

Dayna’s love of organizing started early. As a child, she would create a detailed inventory of her sleep-away camp trunk. Growing up, she looked forward to filling her fresh student planner with due dates and to-do lists for the year. In college, she felt that any problem could be conquered with a binder and some dividers. When she entered the workforce, this mindset helped her become an effective project manager - every deadline met and never a document misplaced.

At Chaos Theory Inc., we understand organization doesn't always come naturally -- sometimes it needs a little nurturing. No matter what the challenge, we are dedicated to creating the space you want and helping you acquire the skills you need to keep it that way.

Satisfied Customers

Combining Households

Dayna Brandoff and Chaos Theory made order from what could have easily been chaos for me.  When my husband and I decided to settle our two-city lives in just one city, Chaos Theory turned my thrown-together pied-a-terre in New York into an organized, live-able home base.  Dayna recommended a variety of organizational products and systems that fit perfectly into our limited space, and then oversaw the delivery, assembly and integration of those products and systems. 

Streamlining Operations

Dayna Brandoff is in an organizational league all her own. She tackles every project with exceptional attention to detail, an eye for efficiency and a positive, get it done approach that makes working with her both a pleasure and a gift. She was instrumental in creating a highly functional infrastructure for my new business.  Her thoughtful systems and knack for eliminating clutter brought valuable changes to my daily operations. I'm grateful Dayna Brandoff's talents and personal touch will keep me on the path to an organized life.


Moving, specifically cross country, is never easy. Fortunately I had the help of professional organizer Dayna Brandoff who flew out to Los Angeles to organize my hectic relocation from New York. She thought of everything, so much so that I stopped having to do any thinking at all. That's a good thing. She measured the rooms in my apartment, took me from store to store (lists in hand), made sure I stayed on task, and we got the whole thing done in less than a weekend! I honestly don't know what I would have done without Dayna's help

Reworking an Existing Space

As a young New Yorker, my whole life is crammed into one small room and I was losing an organizational battle. Dayna came in and was an immeasurable help. She listened to all my ideas and took every one to heart, she made an effort to search for economical solutions to my storage problems, and even helped me install my new furniture and accessories.  When this completely stress-free process was over I had a new space that was not only organized, but also completely stylish and reflected my taste. The best part is that I have not gone back to my old ways of letting my mess pile up week after week! Dayna inspired me to make the effort to keep my home in order, and it has never been more welcoming.

Project Management/Event Planning

Dayna and her firm helped my husband and I organize and produce our complicated destination wedding in Naples, Florida.  With a tight timeline and a clear budget, Dayna turned our unique ideas for the big weekend into festive realities, and managed numerous aspects of the weekend from vendor selection to coordinating a detailed program including 120 individual guest photos and biographies.  Dayna saved us the things we value most with our busy jobs and lives:  time, living space, and freedom from stress.  We recommend Dayna to everyone we know!

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