Dayna Brandoff has long found peace of mind in an organized life. She founded Chaos Theory Inc. to help others do the same. As a professional organizer, Dayna brings her love of order to her client base, and helps them rid the chaos from their lives.

Dayna’s love of organizing started early. As a child, she would create a detailed inventory of her sleep-away camp trunk. Growing up, she looked forward to filling her fresh student planner with due dates and to-do lists for the year. In college, she felt that any problem could be conquered with a binder and some dividers. When she entered the workforce, this mindset helped her become an effective project manager - every deadline met and never a document misplaced.

At Chaos Theory Inc., we understand organization doesn't always come naturally -- sometimes it needs a little nurturing. No matter what the challenge, we are dedicated to creating the space you want and helping you acquire the skills you need to keep it that way.